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Bio Medical (분석기/시뮬레이터)

제목 Rigle 288+ 전기안전분석기 Electrical Safety Analyzer

Rigel 288+

Hand-held electrical safety analyzer

의료기기 전기안전분석기 Rigel 288+입니다.

IEC/EN 62353, AAMI/IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC 61010, NFPA-99 and AS/NZ 3551 규격에서 요구하는 전기안전 테스트용 분석기

The Rigel 288+ electrical safety analyzer offers an accurate and fast solution for meeting international and local safety standards.

Enjoy complete freedom to move around, without the need for mains voltage, thanks to battery powered test capability. Using standard AA batteries, tests can be carried out for insulation, earth/ground bond testing, and touch or point-to-point leakage current testing.

Why choose the Rigel 288+ electrical safety analyzer

  • Test to IEC/EN 62353, AAMI/IEC/EN 60601-1 & more
  • Built-in electronic data storage
  • Flexible user-definable test routines
  • Battery-powered leakage, insulation & earth/ground bond tests
  • 50/100/250/500V DC insulation testing
  • Automatic secondary verification ensures the correct result first time
  • Small & compact with direct printing via Bluetooth connectivity
  • Available in a wide range of power configurations
  • Compatible with Med-eBase for simple asset managemen