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Bio Medical (분석기/시뮬레이터)

제목 AED 심장 제세동기 분석기 UniPulse 400
UniPulse 400

More about the UniPulse 400

The UniPulse 400 is designed to comprehensively test all defibrillators accurately and efficiently. The large vibrant colour screen will display both test results and waveforms in amazing detail. The dedicated fast keys and simple to use operating system enables test engineers to ________select the relevant test function in seconds.

This comprehensive defibrillator analyzer is capable of analyzing all monophasic, biphasic, standard and pulsating waveforms. This unrivalled functionality and our new comprehensive pacer function makes the UniPulse 400 the ultimate defibrillator analyzer on the market.

The large internal memory and on-board results storage will reduce test time and help work towards a modern paperless system. Download results to "Med-eBase" asset management software via our simple USB function or use the on screen data recall to review results – it's never been so simple.

The ergonomic enclosure of the UniPulse 400 makes the unit compact, rugged and lightweight so you can easily move location with this portable product. Our handy Rigel carry case can fit the unit alongside any additional accessories you may require allowing easy transportation to different sites.

These are just a few of the reasons we believe you'll want to invest in our UniPulse 400. To see for yourself, request a live online demonstration today!

Why buy the UniPulse 400?

> The complete defibrillator analyzer solution – including pacer functionality.

> Clear and vibrant LCD colour display with simple navigation – including dedicated fast keys. Less button pushing, more testing.

> Rugged, compact and easy to hold – take it anywhere, anytime... easily with battery operation.

> Compatible with all defibrillators – accurately measure and display waveforms from________ monophasic to biphasic, all in a tester that fits in your hand.

Key Features

- Pacer functionality

- Compatible with monophasic, biphasic and pulsed waveforms

- Colour LCD display

- Easy and intuitive navigation with dedicated fast test and simulation keys

- Rechargeable battery allowing operation without the need for mains power

- Data download via USB to PC

- Reliable and non-inductive defibrillator test load of 50Ω

- Variable pacer load 50Ω to 1600Ω in 50Ω steps

- ECG simulation with hi-level output

- Multi-lingual firmware to meet requirements across the globe

- Portable, compact and rugged

- Robust carry case to protect your analyzer

Simulation Functions

- Defibrillator energy discharge

- Charge time

- Cardiac synchronisation

- Over 40 selectable arrhythmias

- Performance waveforms

- 5 pacer modes